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Getting a new mattress is not an insignificant investment, especially in the current environment.  But with a little care you can extend the life of what you currently use.  At the same time, if you are not performing some pretty easy maintenance, you may be shortening its usable life span.

For example, experts recommend that you rotate the mattress about every three months.  Pressure on the same spots tends to wear down those areas and reduces overall comfort.

The ExpertVillage.com video above — How To Flip a Mattress” — is a good, simple tutorial on easy maintenance.  You can also do a few other things for  good health and to avoid the expense of a costly matress replacement.

First, use of a mattress cover.  FYI, they are marked down 43% at Amazon.com right now and you can also get them in places like Bed, Bath, and Beyond.

Second, each time you change your sheets, it is a very good idea to vacuum the mattress surface.  A good cleaning will reduce allergens and mites, promoting better health hygiene.

Not a glamorous topic I know, but we do want to give you lots of practical information at Real Estate in Chantilly.  And what is more practical than a healthy night’s sleep, and avoiding purchase of an expensive item when you don’t need to?