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Routine replacement of the air filters in your home’s central heating/air conditioning system is one very easy way to save on energy costs.  But there are two other benefits as well.  It will help keep the physical unit itself in better condition, and the air you breathe cleaner.

But as the 1-minute video above points out,  using the right filters makes all the difference.  The cheaper ones that only costs a few bucks just won’t do the job.  The less dense mesh filters won’t filter out most airborne particles.

This is a case of getting what you pay for.  I have seen the cheap filters for a few dollars or less, but the effective ones may run $10 to $15, depending on size.  But the difference is more than worth the extra costs, both in terms of energy savings and wear and tear on the heating/AC system.  Even more important is the health implication of bad air.

You can purchase the better pleated filters in quantity from places like Home Depot, Lowe’s or even Amazon (discounted filters), and that will help offset their extra costs.  I’m guessing Costco may carry them as well.

The experts I have talked to recommend a quarterly change in filters, and if you have a home with pets or one that seems to have more dust, you might be well-advised to change monthly.

One last point.  The duct system in your home does collect dust and dirt that can damage the system, and be a health hazard.  The filters will help keep the ducts clean, but homes do need the occasional duct servicing as well.  We have used several companies that do this, so call if you need a few referrals.