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A heartfelt Happy St. Patrick’s Day to any and all who may be reading our blog today!  irish

Whether or not you happen to be of Irish ancestry….if you love good humor, words and the thought behind them, and can marvel at the glory of life and creation, you are part Irish.

I am entirely biased when it comes to anything Irish.  I grew up in an “all Irish” household.  Both parents Irish, and both grand parents on my Mom’s side having been born in Ireland.

Last year my family and I visited Ellis Island and walked on the same ground where those grand parents, and millions of others, made the heroic trek from the familiar to the unknown, in their epic search for a better life.

To me that was sacred ground.  I imagined the hardships they endured, the pain of leaving their families, and the unimaginable grit and determination required to carve out a new life.

St. Patrick’s Day reminds me of all of that, as well as the treasure of living in a free country.   I think of all the immigrants who built this nation, not to mention all of the military who died in its service, and how I now enjoy the freedom and dignity of citizenship in a great nation, just because of their sacrifice.

And then there is the man himself…Saint Patrick.  Now there was a man of monumental faith and character.

And let’s not forget the Irish people.  If you have ever traveled to this blessed land you will come back knowing why the Irish proverb claims the even God himself smiles at the sound of Irish laughter.

So whoever or wherever you are, on this day, lift your heart to all things Galic, and make God smile.  Because for today, you are Irish!