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Chantilly Home Safety: Be Careful With That Home Project

According to the BuildFax Remodeling Index, people are doing lots of remodelling projects.

They report that for the 19th straight month, their May index rose.

If you are doing projects on your own, do be aware of safety.  Many preventable accidents happen because basic safety precautions are not taken.  Some of these accidents can be very serious…like falling off a ladder.

Check out this 5-minute video from NBC’s The Today Show.  Being aware of the basic precautions mentioned could save you a lot of trouble.

The insights include:

  • Use “expandable” earplugs to prevent hearing loss from power tools.
  • Don’t wear sneakers or sandals. Wear construction boots.
  • Never stand on the top 2 steps of a ladder.

Also, don’t forget the safety glasses.  Eye problems are the number one injury as reported by home remodelers, and it is important to realize they can happen anytime.

Here is the video from the NBC website.

As always, if you need a referral for professional help to do a project, contact me and I will provide a few names.

Whether you are buying or selling, or just considering either or both, we are always here for you!