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Keep Your Front-Loading Washing Machine Fresh

Front-loading washers can collect bacteriaChantilly home owners with front-loading washing machines probably realize that they have several advantages in making this choice:

  1. They wash more clothes per cycle, helping lower energy costs.
  2. They use less water per cycle.
  3. They are easier on clothes, preserving color and fabric.

But they do require a bit more cleaning care.  They can pool water in their drums, which creates complications like bacteria and mildew build-up, along with the odor that this creates.

Here are a few tips to help you enjoy the benefits and avoid the liabilities of front-loading machines.

First, use High efficiency detergent. The lower volume of suds from these detergents will mean less chemicals and other elements within the detergent to remain in the drum.

Second, about once weekly wipe the inside rim with a dry cloth.  You typically will find a plastic tube where water settles.

Your unit may have a drain filter around the lower edge of the front of the machine.  If it does, remove it so the water can drain.

Third, occasionally run a cycle with the machine empty, with only water and bleach.  If the machine has a smell, this will help remove it.

You can also leave the front door open after you finish a wash load, to circulate fresh air and help the excess water to evaporate.

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