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Removing Stains From Your Furniture

Furniture First-Aid TechniquesYour home furniture can be a big investment.  If you have ever wondered how to deal with spills and stains, here is a set of recommendations
from Martha Stewart
.  Think of them as first-aid for your home furnishings.

• Moisture “rings”:  Pour table salt on the white rings/haze and cover with a terry cloth. Apply hair dryer on low setting until rings are gone.
• Alcohol spills:  Blot spills immediately, do not rub. Apply small amounts of ammonia to damage.
• Wax spills:  Allow to cool and harden, then freeze the wax with an ice cube in a sandwich bag. Use a butter knife to gently scrape off wax.

• Red wine stains:  Cover wine with table salt and let sit until salt has wicked up the wine.  Vacuum salt and repeat, as necessary.
Blot remaining stains with damp cloth and dish soap.
• General spills:  Repeatedly blot with a damp white cloth. Use white cloths to prevent dye transfer.
• Oil spills:  Cover spill with baking soda and vacuum once absorbed. Blot remaining stains with rubbing alcohol

• General stains: Blot with all-purpose household cleaner.  To prevent fading in the upholstery, avoid products with bleach or bleach alternatives.
• Scratches:  Apply saddle soap to a damp cloth and rub the scratch to help it “blend in”.  It won’t go away.

Also, a tip on leather furniture:  forget touch-up kits or colored markers. It’s nearly impossible to match leather colors and your repair work will likely make the problem more noticeable.

If you are thinking about your home’s appearance in preparation for the possibility of selling here is the Northern Virginia area (or moving here from elsewhere), please know that I am here to help.  Our websites have lots of tools, and you can contact me directly with any questions.  We are always here for you!