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Investment Properties and Tenants: Basic Tips

Real estate investors in Chantilly and elsewhere are still able to take advantage of some significant opportunities.  Arguably, things are a fair amount better now than they were when this NBC Today Show interview first ran in March 2009.

There are deals to be had, but there are risks as well, so you have to do your homework and know what moves to make.  You can get hurt if you are not careful.

The simple but often overlooked guidelines offered in the video include:

  • Buy in your own area
  • Start small and build based on the knowledge you acquire
  • When it comes to screening tenants pay attention to rent receipts

Do remember that the video is over a year old when you hear the stats.  I think the general guidelines are as good as ever.

And if you are looking for a bank owned or other property as your first of next investment, we’d love to be of help.  Contact us anytime!