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Selling Your Home While Caring For Your Pet Dog – Part 1

If you see the sale of your Chantilly or Northern Virginia area home upcoming, and you have wondered about how to manage the process of caring for your pet dog while doing the best job of getting your home sold well, here are some insights from professional dog trainer Kelley Renshaw, owner of Bark Busters, a Chantilly area dog training service.


In this series of episodes on living happily with your pet dog, we begin by discussing how to care for your pet during the sale of your home. Safety is paramount, for the buyer, for you, and for your pet. What about boarding the pet? How do you select a quality kennel? Will crating work? How do you acclimate your pet to be comfortable with crating? What should you avoid when making these plans?

We start with caring for your pet dog during the sale of your home, and go on to discuss preventing and solving pet behavioral problems. If you are a dog owner you will benefit from the insights offered in this educational series. And please do remember, seek professional help when dealing with serious pet issues.

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