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Another money saver, and promotes good health too.

Changing the air filter in your Heating/Air Conditioning system is easy, and it saves money.  As this 1-minute video shows, you can waste a lot of energy and money with an inefficient HVAC system.

Many recommend changing  the air filter every quarter, at a minimum.  You may have circumstances that make more frequent filter replacement a good idea.  Some examples:

  • Homes with shedding pets
  • Homes that have construction projects underway
  • Brand-new homes with dust in the air
  • Medical conditions such as asthma or allergies

It is also a very good idea to get the “Deluxe” filters.  The cheap ones don’t do the job.  You can also  buy in bulk to save 15% from Amazon.com or get them from a local source, such as your community hardware store.