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Selling Your Home While Caring For Your Pet Dog – Part 3


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How do you best care for your pet dog while selling your home?

If you see the sale of your Chantilly or Northern Virginia area home upcoming, and you have wondered about how to manage the process of caring for your pet dog while doing the best job of getting your home sold well, start with the first episode in this series to gain insights from professional dog trainer, and certified Grand Master, Kelley Renshaw, owner of Bark Busters, a Chantilly area dog training service.


This episode (21) focuses on three of the most common problems dog owners face, and how to start the process of solving each one.  There are not usually quick and immediate “silver bullets,” but most issues can be solved with simple strategies, persistently applied.

If you are a Chantilly area home seller, home buyer, or a home owner who wants to “live happily with your pet dog,” you will find lots in information from someone who is working with and helping to solve pet problems every day.

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