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Home Inspections: What Sellers Should Know To Avoid An Exploding Deal (Part 3)


If you are considering selling your home, you probably know that a prospective home buyer will likely want a professional inspection of your property, as a condition of their purchase.  You and your real estate agent have worked hard to get a qualified buyer, but deals fall through every day because of issues discovered during the home inspection.


As an informed home seller, what should you know about before the buyer’s home inspection is performed?  What are the “deal breakers” that cause buyers to run for cover?  What are the big problems you must know about in advance of the buyer’s home inspection?

And..what are the small, easy to deal with preventative steps you can take to help the home inspection go well?

What is the single most important insight the home seller should know about home inspections?

In this three part series, we interview veteran Home Inspector Reggie Marston.  You may know of Reggie from his appearances on HGTV’s “The House Detectives.”

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