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Home Inspections: What Buyers Should Know Before Hiring A Home Inspector (Part 2)


As a home buyer, knowing what to look for in a home inspection can save you a lot of stress and help yo avoid significant financial loss.


A well performed inspection plays a vital role in the home buying process.  But many buyers are not sure about exactly what the home inspection can and can not accomplish.

What should buyers be concerned about, and what should they not be as concerned about?  What are the typical issues that surface?   This episode focuses on what buyers should be focused on, and what they should expect from a well-performed home inspection.  We also discuss what “red flags” may indicate you are not getting the inspection you need.

In this three part series, we interview veteran Home Inspector Reggie Marston.  You may know of Reggie from his appearances on HGTV’s “The House Detectives.” In this Chantilly Radio series, he covers the fundamentals, and then goes on to discuss the special concerns from the different perspectives of both buyers and sellers.  Check out these episodes before you buy or sell, so that you can avoid major stress and end up with a better outcome.

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