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Good Information If Moving To Northern Virginia

Average Commute Times In The US, By County

Many Chantilly and Centreville home owners are no strangers to long commutes.

You may find this data from the American Community Survey (ACS) of interest.  It is based on data from 3 million households, and includes average commute time along with lots of data for every community in the nation“.

You will find information that includes:

  • Median Household Income, Inflation-Adjusted To 2009 Dollars (Chart)
  • Median Housing Value Of Owner-Occupied Housing Units (Chart)
  • Percent Of Households That Are Married, With Children Under 18 (Chart)

The survey data also gives you average commute time by county. (Also see chart at top.)

This information is potentially useful to Chantilly and Northern Virginia area home buyers and sellers, or those relocating to Northern Virginia, because it provides lots of neighborhood information.  Also know that if you need home price information on Northern Virginia homes that have sold, do take advantage of our MARKET  SNAPSHOT tool.  It will give you actual sold prices of homes in Northern Virginia neighborhoods.  Great to know if you are relocating, or looking at homes in a particular community within this area.

And, if you are moving into the Northern Virginia area, visit our Area Living as well as the School Reports pages of our website.  We are here for you, so let us know if we can help!