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Remodeling your Northern Virginia home before selling: Which projects pay off?

Remodeling value

Thinking about a remodel  project to get your Northern Virginia home ready for sale?

If you are remodeling for that purpose, you do need to think it through.  Start by taking a look at the latest report from Remodeling Magazine.

They took a look at average costs for 35 projects with an eye toward how much value the project adds to resale.  Interesting findings that are worth knowing about.

For example, kitchens projects and custom vanities are giving back less value to homeowners in Chantilly – and elsewhere –  on a percentage basis, than energy-efficient doors and windows, as one example.

Here is a sample of what they found regarding cost recovery:

  • Attic Bedroom Remodel : 79.90 percent cost recovery
  • Bathroom Addition : 74.90 percent cost recovery
  • Bathroom Addition (Upscale) : 72.80 percent cost recovery
  • Home Office Remodel : 63.40 percent cost recovery
  • Minor Kitchen Remodel : 85.20 percent cost recovery
  • Major Kitchen Remodel : 75.90 percent cost recovery
  • Roofing Replacement : 73.90 percent cost recovery
  • Window Replacement (Wood) : 85.30 percent cost recovery

You can see that “green” projects do pretty well.

CNNMoney.com has a “Will This Renovation Pay Off?” calculator on its website, using data from this study.

If you are in the Northern Virginia area, and you are thinking about a project for this purpose, don’t hesitate to call me and I will be glad to give you some feedback on what we are seeing in this area regarding home improvements that are worth considering.  Keep in mind that you should be taking a number of factors into consideration before you plan the project. and I am happy to give you insights on a few minefields as well as what is working for resale purposes.