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Improving Home Energy Efficiency Before Selling in Northern Virginia

If you are a Chantilly or Northern Virginia area homeowner thinking about the sale of your home in the Spring season, check out this video that gives some easy tips on one aspect of your home’s appeal:  the “tightness” and energy efficiency of your windows.

Windows that are not sealed well can account for 30% of a home’s heat loss in winter.  It pays for anyone to get them sealed and if you are selling your home, it is one more benefit to your prospective buyers, and one more competitive advantage to you.

By the way, for a more detailed discussion on ways to make your home energy efficient as a selling strategy, or even if you plan on staying right where you are, listen to our Chantilly Radio podcasts on this topic.

But in the meantime, this 4-minute video is definitely worth your time.

And if you do have that home sale upcoming, by all means take advantage of our MARKET SNAPSHOT email service.  You will get actual sold prices of homes in your Northern Virginia neighborhood.

As always, if you need help or have questions on any buying or selling issues, or if you are relocating into the Northern Virginia area, we are here for you!