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Outer Banks Investor Video Series: Southern Shores

Thinking about buying an investment property or second home in the Outer Banks?

Are you wondering where to begin your research so that you can be a truly informed consumer?

Do you want to make sure you are well grounded in the basics, so that you make wise and careful decisions based on your goals?

If any or all of these are concerns, you have found a very valuable resource.

In this podcast and video series we equip you with answers to the kinds of questions potential buyers should be asking, but do not necessarily do so, because the not knowing where to begin.

Start with any of the previous videos such as Four Wheel Drive Area, CorollaInvestment vs Full-time Living, among others.  Go to Outer Banks Focus to see all in the video series.

After that, listen to our 6 part series on “Investing in the Outer Banks” on Chantilly Radio.  You will get information you really should have before you start the home search process.

The Kathy O’Neal Team of REMAX Premier in Fairfax and our Outer Banks strategic partner, Barb Connery of REMAX Ocean Realty, are a dynamic team to help you first get all the information you need in a very relaxed and deliberate manner.   Their decades of combined experience will give you an immediate sense that you are getting the “straight scoop” on Outer Banks real estate.

Let us know how we can help!