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Video Series on Outer Banks Real Estate Investing: Four Wheel Drive Area, Corolla, and Duck


If North Carolina’s Outer Banks real estate is on your mind as a possible place for an investment property, second home, or even full-time living, this series on “The Communities of the Outer Banks” is definitely for you.

In today’s show we talk about the Four Wheel Drive Area, Corolla, and Duck.

We have just completed a Video Series of Outer Banks communities, and in today’s show we preview just a few highlights from the first episode.

In our brief profile of the Four Wheel Drive Area of OBX, we take you on location to provide just a little taste of this unique part of the Outer Banks.

What is the attraction of the Four Wheel Drive Area?   What advantages or disadvantages does it hold for investors?  Start by listening to this podcast, then view the video.

And if you are serious about the possibility of buying in the Outer Banks, do go through our 6 Part Series where we help you learn about the realities of OBX investment.  It can be a great investment move, but don’t go into if without due diligence.  We help you separate reality from hype so that your OBX move is based on solid research and good sense.

And of course we invite your follow-up questions if you want details on properties for sale in the Four Wheel Drive area or elsewhere in OBX.  We are here for you!