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Easy Savings On Your Electric Bill

What do Chantilly area home owners pay for their average annual electric bill, compared to the national average of  $2,200?92836016

Whatever it is, wouldn’t it be nice to reduce it?

Take a look at this 5-minute video and you may get a few more ideas on where the electric dollars are going and how you can spend fewer without any sacrifice, just by changing a few patterns.

The Power Monitor device (retails from $30 to $100) is a useful tool for anyone getting serious about saving energy..and money.

The writer of this story used this tool and discovered:

  • A plugged-in phone charger without phone attached costs $0.10 per hour
  • Cooking with a microwave costs $0.88 per hour
  • Big screen TVs cost $0.06 per hour to operate

Without too much effort it looks like most families cold save at least a few hundred dollars a year.

If you are considering getting an energy audit for your home, for big dollar energy savings, make sure to listen to the series we did on Chantilly Radio which describes how to get this done.