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Relocating? What To Know Before Hiring A Moving Service! (Part 5)


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If you are relocating to the Northern Virginia area, or making a local move, you may be looking for a moving company.

In this series on how to hire a good moving service, we discuss what informed home sellers and buyers should know before they start looking for a moving service.


JK Moving and Storage started with the dream of its founder to create the best moving service in the world.  Today it is a company which provides local, national, and international moving services.

In this last episode in the series we discuss the JK story:  how the company started, its customer philosophy, how it trains its employee associates, what the “JK experience” in moving looks like from start to finish, and what are the core values behind the JK Moving and Storage approach.

If you have listened to the episodes in this series, you will know the importance of making a careful selection in your choice of moving companies.  Listen to the “JK philosophy of moving” and if what you hear about this company’s approach matches what you would like in a mover, consider JK among your moving candidates.  If you have a move ahead, this is definitely a company to know about.
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