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Getting Your Northern Virginia Home Ready to Sell: Passing the “Smell Test”

In our Chantilly Radio series on “How to Sell Your Home in a Challenging Market” we go through a comprehensive set of strategies on getting your home sold well in the challenging market we have been going through.

If you live in Northern Virginia, and plan on putting your home on the market anytime soon, give this set of shows a listen.

One of the “little things” that can be a “big thing” is the issue of home odors.  An off smell can get prospective buyers out of your property in no time.  These odors can come from any number of sources:  rugs, walls. furniture, cooking, you name it.  To get the best value for your home, this is one of several areas that must be right.

Of course, if the property is distressed, buyers may expect glitches.  But if your property is being marketed as a “normal” property, buyers will have a set of higher expectations.

You can control this aspect of marketing your home.

Check out this 4-minute video from NBC’s The Today Show.  It is basic information, but good to know and follow.  You will get ideas on:

  • How to deal with odors imbeded in wood
  • How to remove “smoke smell” out of a wall
  • How to improve a home’s air quality by cleaning carpets

If you have more significant problems you may consider in-home air purifiers.

The objective of all of this is to give buyers a great experience so that your home stays on their short list.  Controlling this very basic but critical area of scent is very much in your best interests as a seller.