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While in the Outer Banks – Don’t Miss Roanoke Island Festival Park

Outer Banks real estate investors, and those interested in owning property in the OBX, don’t always have time to enjoy the many delights of this special region.  But whether you are an OBX vacationer or someone who owns rental property, there are many terrific places to visit.

One good example is the Roanoke Island Festival Park.  Very close to Nags Head and the other popular OBX communities, the Park is definitely worth your time.  If you visit the OBX to enjoy the incredible natural beauty, including its unspoiled beaches, you may not be thinking about a visit to this Park.  But if you want to add something very special to your next trip to OBX, you won’t be disappointed by a stop at this attraction.

Roanoke Island Festival Park - Manteo, North Carolina

Roanoke Island Festival Park - Manteo, North Carolina

A visit to the Park is a living history lesson for you, and especially good for the kids.  Lots of fun, informative, and very well executed “living history” exhibits make this a genuine “attraction.”   One example is the Elizabeth II, a full-blown replica of an era sailing ship, complete with enactors on board.

Elizabeth II Under Sali - Roanoke Island Festival Park

Elizabeth II Under Sail - Roanoke Island Festival Park

The really cool part of getting exposure to over 400 years of Outer Banks history is the live enactors and dynamic exhibits.  Everything from the period games, to a working blacksmith, to traditional woodworking, as well as other exhibits that put you back in the time when these hearty and heroic pioneers settled in this region.  Quite inspiring to see what laid the foundation we stand on today.

Blacksmith at Roanoke Island Festival Park

Blacksmith at Roanoke Island Festival Park

As we publish this feature, the Park staff is busy finishing an all new American Indian Town exhibit with an array of live experience features that we are told will be unique on the east coast.  It looks impressive and will bring the Native American aspect of the era into sharp focus.

If all of this is not enough to put the Park on your list of places to visit, don’t forget you also have the Concert Series.   More detailed information is available on their website.

Check out this local attraction that draws visitors from all over the country.  It is not to be missed if you are touring the area.

By the way, if you are visiting this area with an eye toward OBX real estate, don’t miss our educational series on this topic at Chantilly Radio.  You will want to know what we talk about before making your OBX investment or move.

Concert Area at Roanoke Island Festival Park

Concert Area at Roanoke Island Festival Park