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Home Sellers Advantage: Improving Home Energy Efficiency (Part 5)


Chantilly and Northern Virginia area home sellers looking for a competitive advantage in the marketing and sale of their home should take a good look at enhancing energy efficiency.


In this series of episodes with Ardently Green, Inc. founder, Bob Weatherwax, we discuss how enhancing your home’s energy profile can add value now, as well as give you one more advantage when it comes time to sell your home.

In Part 5 of this series we discuss the basics of alternative energy use for residential home owners.  Solar, wind, and geo-thermal  approaches are briefly discussed.  Where do you start when considering these technologies?  How practical are they for residential use?  What do you want to make sure to know before starting  an alternative energy application for your home?

Who should listen to this series?

Anyone anticipating the sale of their home within the next year, who sees energy efficiency as a powerful added selling point in the marketing of their home.  Additionally, home energy efficiency is a win on several other levels.  It helps home owners save money on escalating energy costs, provides a more comfortable and clean living environment, reduces the environmental impact of energy waste, and adds to the long term goal of national energy independence.

Before you sell your home, take a good look at how energy efficiency can play a role in your selling strategy.  Or, if the sale of your home is not in the short term future, consider how these strategies can save money now and add value to your home when it does come time to sell.

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