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Did you grow up with a Spring Cleaning ritual?  It has become part of American culture, and now that Spring has officially started, we are in that Spring Cleaning season as well.

No doubt it is a time of serious house cleaning for some, and for others maybe a light touch up.

Whatever it is for you, you may be able to make it easier with a strategy.

If you like s systematic approach, take a look at the Spring Cleaning Organizer on Martha Stewart’s website for a good reference to get the job done as easily and efficiently as possible.

It’s got the basics and for some folks, having the checklist can help you power through the important cleaning stuff a whole lot easier that jumping from one task to another.  Give it a shot and see what you think. Most of the items are easily doable with normal home supplies.  A few require heavier artillery that you may need to rent.  For example, you may not have a rug cleaner.  Although even these are available in home consumer type models in department stores.

If you are considering getting professional help for some of the bigger cleaning jobs, take a look at Angie’s List as a place to get information on contractors to perform these services.

One good safety reminder in the checklist is to remember the batteries in your safety devises, such as smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors.

(Image courtesy: Junk Bee Gone)