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BusinessWeek names the best affordable suburbs in all 50 states

As you might have guessed, Chantilly and the surrounding area suburbs are not the most affordable in the Commonwealth of Virginia.  For that, you will have to head south toward Richmond and then east toward the Hampton Roads metro area and then to Poquoson.  The median home price there is $312,000.

On a national level, home affordability is a lot better than it once was, compliments of the current housing and economic conditions.

All of this translates into the interesting fact that in most parts of the US, the cost of owning a home versus renting one is now close to its historical average.

But take it one more step. If you look near most major cities, there are some neighborhoods where affordability and quality of life are exceptional..  Drawing on data from OnBoard Informatics, Business Week highlights these areas in a study called Best Affordable Suburbs.”

This report’s focus is not necessarily the rock bottom of prices.  Its real emphasis is cities and towns with populations around five to sixty-five thousand, and with favorable statistics in the areas of the economy, schools, crime level, and quality of life.  Places where buying a home is an especially good value.

If you want to visit the place which grabs the very top of the list you will have to travel to Awake, Wisconsin.  Awake is a suburb 20 minutes west of Milwaukee, known for its outdoor lifestyle and strong job market.  You can find the complete 50-state listing on Business Week’s website.