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It may surprise you to know that you are three times more likely to get a food-borne sickness from something in your home, than in a commercial kitchen.  Public health experts say there are a variety of reasons why, including such factors as improper or unsafe food handling, lack of cleanliness, or mistakes in food storage.

You’d be right in thinking that being a “neatnik” when it comes to your refrigerator is a good part of prevention, but it is not the only thing to do to keep conditions safe.

Here are several other smart strategies:

  • Wash produce before storing it in the produce tray.  Veggies that grow close to the ground are exposed to more fertilizers.  Consider using one of the”Veggie sprays” to help remove the chemical residues.
  • Keep produce clean by not returning it to the original container.
  • Clean peeled fruit.  Outside contaminants transfer to the inside when you cut the fruit.
  • Do not keep milk, other dairy products,  and cold cuts on the refrigerator door trays –that is the warmest part of the interior.
  • Stay with expiration and “use by” dates.
  • If you see mold on bread, get rid of  the entire loaf.

Finally,, remember to wash your hands before handling  food.  Germs can be spread from any number of household sources, from door knobs to keyboards.

I love you … Let’s clean out the fridge
Kristen Browning-Blas
Denver Post, February 11, 2009