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The WonderWash washes 3 pairs of jeans on your countertop

The neighborhoods of Chantilly and Centreville may not be filled with solar panels at this time, but as environmentally friendly awareness and energy consciousness build, expect to see more green-type products.  Case in point:  the Wonder Wash pictured to this post.

You probably took it for a propane tank, but it is actually a small washing machine.  Apparently it works well,  according to some reviews.

The WonderWash is a low-cost devise that is environmentally-friendly and quite compact.  It will fit on most countertops.

It is made by Laundry Alternative.  It washes about 5 pounds of laundry in minutes.  From what I can gather, you pour in hot water, crank it, and it washes the clothes like a pressure cooker.  The internal pressure pushes detergent through the clothes at speeds up to 100 times faster than a typical washing machine.  I checked one detailed review and several comments, and they were quite positive.

Apparently,  the internal chamber converts energy from the hot water and the cranking, and swooshes the water round and round.  The result is, at least according to what I read, a nice job on the laundry, with far less energy consumed.  The review suggests that using the Wonderwash consumed only 16% of the water consumed by a conventional washer doing the same thing.  The amount of detergent used is also far less.  There is also a mini dryer equivalent and that is energy efficient as well.  Apparently extremely efficient.

The devise washes 5 pounds of clothes..  That would be around 10 shirts or 30 pairs of socks, or maybe several pairs of jeans.  The devise is also safe for delicates.

What will this creative green product set you back?  That is looking pretty efficient too.  WonderWash is priced at $42.95, and comes with a 1-year warranty along with a 30-day, money-back policy.

If you try one, let us know how it works.