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Your Biggest Stress Reliever When Selling Your Home

We all know that selling a home ranks high on the list of stress inducing events.

But there is  something you can do to significantly reduce the stress.  It’s not inevitable.

I have seen the difference, having worked with countless home seller in Chantilly and all over Northern Virginia.

Maybe the single biggest stress reducer that is usually in your power is summed up in one word:  preparation.

I understand that in some cases we don’t have the opportunity to plan the move.  Circumstances arise unexpectedly, and you must respond.  But when you have the benefit of time, doing the right preparation for your home’s sale will go along way toward making the experience far easier for you and your family.

Here are three areas that may be obvious, but are often not given as much attention as you would think.
1 – Finances – know the home’s current market value in relation to your mortgage.  If you have a very good, trusted real estate agent, they can help you greatly to get a handle on the actual market value.

2 – Selling Condition – this includes the actual condition of the home both structurally and “cosmetically” that will impact the price and time on market.
There is a lot you can do, depending on time and budget, to get the house in a condition that will bring the best sales price.  Of course, there are limits on what can be done, but you can do some things to help your sales price, especially if you get smart counsel on what the do, and what not to do.

3 – Quality of Professional Assistance – for both the real estate agent as well as any contractors or home service vendors you engage, you have choices.  It pays to do your homework and get excellent help, not just adequate help.

We invite you to use our Home Search tool to see what other comparable properties are on the market relative to your own home.  And of course, we’d love to be considered by you as look for help in getting your home sold.  We have a built a reputation of excellence, innovation, and integrity for nealy three decades.  Here is what our clients are saying about us.  Let us know how we can help!