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Selling Your Home in Northern Virginia: Staging for Advantage (Part 4)


If you are planning on selling your Northern Virginia home, give a listen to this series on how to stage your home.

We will likely continue to be in a very competitive market for home sellers, but in any market it is in the best interests of sellers to stage their home well.

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We discuss primary strategies to get your home looking better so that you will be able to compete in a market where buyers have lots of choices. Will your property stand out in such a way that prospective buyers will come back to take that second look? Or will it be quickly put aside in favor of others that seem to “feel” better?

In this series of shows professional Home Stager Jackie Brannan of Home Transformations takes us through some of the main strategies and insights that informed sellers need to know. Among other things, we discuss:

• What are the two things you must do to prep your home?
• How do you learn to see with “buyer eyes”?
• Should couples make staging decisions collaboratively?
• How do you deal with vacant homes?
• How do you find a qualified Stager and what may it cost?

The Kathy O’Neal Team strongly believes that time and effort spent in preparing the home before it goes to market is one of the smartest and most cost efficient moves a home seller can make. This is a classic case of “paying it forward.” Well prepared homes are likely to do far better than their less appealing counterparts.

If you live in the Northern Virginia area and are within a year or so of putting your home on the market, we invite you to take advantage of our free home estimate and staging consultation. Call Kathy for details.