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Avoid this household hazard: It will send 40,000 people to the Emergency Room

If you are a Chantilly or Northern Virginia area home owner or renter, do be aware of this potential household hazard:  carbon monoxide poisoning.

The symptoms can be subtle, but they do include flu like signs such as headache, dizziness, and nausea.  Apparently, many people confuse one for the other.

I wanted you to know that this can be fatal.  About 40,000 ER visits will come from this problem. As we learn from CBS News, those that survive have a much higher incidence of heart disease later in life.

You can take a few simple precautions to avoid this serious problem:

  1. Don’t use your gas oven to heat the home.
  2. Never leave a running car in your garage.
  3. Make sure to get the annual servicing of your gas-burning appliances/heating-cooling system.

And here is a big one that lots of folks are not doing:  install carbon monoxide detectors near every bedroom in your home.