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Relocating? What You Must Know Before Hiring A Moving Service! (Part 3)


If you are relocating to the Northern Virginia area, or making a local move, you may be looking for a moving company.

In this series on how to hire a good moving company we discuss what informed home sellers and buyers should know before they start looking for a moving service,  how to avoid fraud from “rouge movers” and other scams, as well as how to know good price and value.


In this third episode of the series, we start with the one “big secret” that a reputable moving service would love you to check out, but that a poorer quality company will want you to avoid like the plague.

We also discuss the biggest misperception consumers have about the claims process, should you experience damage or loss during your move.

Also, what will your move cost?  What are typical price ranges for moving services?  How negotiable are prices?  What about very “low ball” estimates?  Are there potential problems behind promises of extremely low costs?

Chantilly and Northern Virginia area home owners who see a move upcoming, as well as anyone moving into the Northern Virginia area, will benefit from the honest and straightforward insights of someone who is working inside the moving industry.

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