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Stay Safe: Test Your Home Smoke Detector

Test smoke detectors annually

You certainly want your Chantilly home to be safe.

And keeping those Smoke Detectors operating normally is one big – and easy – way to help in that objective.

It might surprise you to know that according to the United States Fire Administration, there were an estimated 1.5 million domestic fires last year, causing over 3,400 deaths.

In many of these tragic cases, there were no smoke detectors or dectectors that were not working.  The typical reason: missing or dead batteries.

An easy way to stay safe in this regard is a simple annual check.  Here are a few guidelines on how to:

  1. Have someone positioned as far away in the house from the detector as possible.
  2. Push and hold the testing button for 5 seconds until the alarm sounds.
  3. Confirm that it can be heard by the “positioned” person.

To go one step further,  buy smoke detector aerosol and spray it directly into the device.  This simulates a fire.  If the alarm does not sound, replace the detector.

Smoke detectors are life savers, and they are not expensive.  Do make sure to check them at least once a year.