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Outer Banks (OBX) Real Estate for Investment or Retirement (Part 4)

Many Northern Virginia home owners who have vacationed in the Outer Banks have thought about the possibility of investing in a rental property or retiring to the OBX area.

It is a dream that many have made into a reality, but knowing how to make it happen does require knowledge and motivation.


In this 6-part series we discuss the insights and strategies to make your Outer Banks investment or retirement home buying experience a good one.

You can be inspired by the beauty of OBX, but you will also need a practical strategy to move your goals toward ownership of real property.  We describe at least some of the major issues you are likely to deal with in buying OBX real estate, and how to navigate through the challenges and potential pitfalls.

What is the OBX rental season and is it possible to extend it somewhat through smart property management??  How important is location vis a vis the length of your rental season?  A critical issue discussed in this show is:  “What is the mindset of the OBX investors who seem to navigate through the buying and renting process with the most success?”  What should you be focused on before you make your OBX move?   How can you best use your real estate agents talents?  And, what is the one thing that smart investors do all the time, that less successful investors do not do?

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