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Easy Way To Grow Tomatoes At Home: The Upside-Down Planter

Grow tomatos upside-down

Not all Chantilly area home owners have the time or inclination for gardening, and not everyone has the backyard.

But there is one way to save money and enjoy the other benefits of fresh produce.  For example, upside-down planters are an easy way to have your own fresh supply of tomatoes.

Doing so has several advantages:

  • No weeds
  • Rarely have garden pests
  • Need only a tiny space

If you are interested, take a quick look at YouTube and you’ll find 105 How-To Videos or do a Google search and  find a similarly large set.

If  DIY is not your thing,  check out the Hammacher Schlemmer devise.

It is an $80 product called The Upside Down Tomato Garden– shown in the picture to the right.  It is about 25″ square at the base….so not much space required.