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The Sheetz gas station at the intersection of Route 50 and Poland Road seems to be one of Chantilly’s favorite fill-up spots.  It has good prices  – as good as they can be in the current environment – and it sits near many of the communities that are part of the ever-expanding complex of Western-Fairfax-and-on-into-Loudoun home developments.

Leaving the Sheetz station on Poland Road, and heading toward Pleasant Valley Road, you will see a contrast.  Mixed in with the older homes that were built before this region became Silicon Valley East, are a number of recent and still growing new communities.  For example, you can enter South Riding at about the halfway point, or if you stay on Poland Road, you will go into Pleasant Valley Road.   One of the developments that you can enter along this stretch is located at the intersection of Mountcastle Drive and Poland Road.  It is The Retreat at South Village

The Retreat at South Village

These are Winchester homes (at the “Retreat”), single family style only, and the construction is mostly complete.  There are 6 homes under construction, with 3 more to be started.  Projected completion is estimated for August/September of 08.

Winchester Homes has been part of the Weyerhaeuser Corporation, for about 29 years.  This is a builder that has been highly rated by JD Powers and Associates, although I am told that Winchester has limitations on just how much they can use this fact in their marketing and advertising.  You can check out these ratings, and take a closer look by going to –  http://www.jdpower.com/corporate/news/releases/pressrelease.aspx?ID=2007166#2007166a

My opinion on the JD Powers survey:  I think any well-grounded, solid research on consumer satisfaction is a highly useful piece of the picture.  To the extent that it reflects what this builder is doing better, it is significant.   My perception is that JD Powers is highly respected, and I’d suppose their research methodology is solid.

Winchester emphasizes their high level of customization.  In their formal marketing it is called “Your Home, Your Way.”  The gist of this approach is as much customization as the buyer wants, and as much as the builder can reasonably accommodate.

Here is a summary of information about this community.

Name: The Retreat at South Village

Location: Intersection of Mountcastle Dr & Poland Rd. – next to South Riding.

Builder: Winchester Homes

Home type: Single family only

Size: Approximately 177 homes

Style: Traditional

Price range: Here is a sample of models, prices, and square footage.

The Oxford II             3,330 Fin. Sq Ft         From $ 599,000
The Browning            3,532 Fin. Sq Ft         From $ 711,000
The Garrett               3,513 Fin, Sq Ft         From $ 719,000


  • 6 lane competition pool and bathhouse
  • 39 acres comprise the green zone
  • 2 tennis courts and tot lots
  • basketball court and soccer field
  • asphalt paved walking pathSchool district: (please verify with school board, as districts change)
  • Little River Elementary
  • Mercer or Stone Hill Middle School
  • Freedom High School        NOTE: For school evaluations click here.

Other Notes: Special incentives may include 3 fully finished levels for selected model(s),

OK, my next comment is one part self-promotion and one part consumer advocacy.  When we do our New Homes Profiles I usually respectfully remind our viewers to not do something that some real estate consumers have regretted in a big way.  Don’t go into the purchase of your new home unrepresented.  If you already have a wonderful agent, great.  If not, make a wise choice, and get someone in your corner who is experienced, and really good at what they do.

And as always, if you have follow-up questions on this Winchester community, or any other, I am always here for you.  By the way, you can also use our Property Search anytime.

Here is a small sample of interior and exterior images of The Retreat at South Village homes, just to give you a sense of the community.  The lovely backyard view was taken from the deck of one of the model homes.  Definitely a killer view.  [This post by Kathy O’Neal

browning_4041_3.jpg dsc_4140.jpg

browning_4045_2.jpg oxford_ii_family.jpg

win_fc_prescott_4_liv_rm_overall.jpg win_fc_prescott_3_bath_2.jpg

win_fc_prescott_5_kitchen.jpg oxford_ii_master_bedroom.jpg