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Driving along Belmont Ridge Rd near the intersection Belmont and Ryan Roads, in Loudon County, you can’t help but notice one particular set of distinctive homes that are part of Brambleton, a planned community that includes homes from a number of major builders.

When I first saw these homes my thought was, “Well, there is a builder who is thinking differently.  Those are quite striking homes. Let me find out who is breaking the mold!”
I drove through the community to see if I could take a quick look at one of the models, curious to find out if the interior space was as interesting as the attractive exteriors.  I was able to take my tour, meet the very affable Sales Rep, and get a sense of these homes.  I was impressed and wanted to share this with our readers. This was my introduction to The Gulick Group.

The Gulick Group (www.gulickgroup.com) is not your everyday large-scale builder. This is a privately owned company, started by Peter Gulick.  The company builds homes that are generally in the “luxury” category, however I did notice that at least two of the models in their “New American” series at Brambleton were in the $697,900 to $742,900 price range.  As always, whenever we mention prices in The Straight Scoop, please remember that prices in all markets are variable and subject to change.

gulickbath.jpgThese homes are demonstrably distinctive both in terms of their exterior appearance as well as interior concept and amenities.  For one thing, Gulick builds all natural exteriors..all brick, all stone, or some combination of the two.  The interior space of the house I toured (The Townsend model) also reflects any number of creative and well thought out designs that are just different enough to be attractive, but not different enough to be off center. The “conservatory” room is one example:  a very tall space with large windows, and a “Monticello” feel that is classic and stylish.  This is one option in the Townsend model, but Gulick Group emphasizes customer collaboration in their design process, so many of the options are developed as they work with the homebuyer.

A purely personal opinion…I appreciate any builder who puts quality, integrity, and customer service at the top of their priority list.  I also appreciate a builder who makes a very careful effort to design a ..dare I say…beautiful home?  It is not easy to balance cost with beauty.  But “hats off” to the Gulick Group for their achievements.

gulick-kitcher.jpgMy sense of the Gulick Group, at least from my conversations with the people in the organization and from my review of their website and other literature, is that this builder is “the real deal.”  You may or may not be in the market for a home in this price range, but if you are, and if this location is of interest, you should be aware of this builder.

I will stay tuned to the projects of this builder as they develop new communities.  They have an interesting story to tell, and as I learn more, I will share it with Straight Scoop readers.

As with any of our New Construction features, I can help you get more information, and if appropriate, represent you as a Buyer’s agent.  With any new construction, or any property purchase, I believe it is always in your best interests to have someone who is entirely representing your side of the transaction.